Temporary solderless headers

Hi Everyone,

Looking for temporary solderless headers for the PiicoDev Pi adapter, as well as the Pimoroni Enviro, for prototyping and testing.

Are there “friction” based and non-permanent headers for such purposes? Both male and female headers are fine, female is probably better to not have exposed pins.

Any information would be much appreciated, thanks!

– Jono


Hi Jono
I have seen “press in” connectors but not very common. I refer to the Din 41612 type of 96 pins, 3 rows of 32 pins. These were not temporary and designed to press into a multilayer backplane. With a hydraulic press do you mind. Takes a pit of a push to press 96 pins and not temporary by any means. Pretty near impossible or at best very difficult to remove.

Maybe something made up with pogo pins would be OK. I think these come in a variety of styles.

Core have a range of these including probably what you want. Search “pogo pin” and have a look.
Cheers Bob


Thanks for the heads up Bob!

Yes, I believe Pimoroni had those 40-pin solderless header that comes with a kit (bits of perspex) that you use to hammer it evenly into the Pi… and they are pretty permanent I think.

Will check out the pogo pins, thanks!