Tempreature TMP117 library

Hi everyone
Am really beginner at raspberry pi and programming so please excuse me if you find my query so trivial.
Am using raspberry pi 3 +B and I have TMP117 Sparkfun. The thing is I could not find a python library for Sparkfun’s temperature sensor but I found a library of the same sensor but from other manufacturer (Adafruit). So my question is can I use the Adafruit TMP117 library to program the Sparkfun TMP117 ?


Hi Abdullah,
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I’ve had a quick look and it seems both sensors are using the same default I2C address (0x48) and use the same TMP117 module so there is a good chance it will work with the Adafruit Python library. I don’t expect it would do any damage in any case as both devices are running at the same operating voltage with the same pinout.

We have our own PiicoDev modules that are largely similar to the STEMMA QT and Qwiic range. In most cases, these should be largely compatible but we can only guarantee that our libraries will work with our hardware just in case other manufacturers do change something about their hardware implementation.

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