The Maker Revolution

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The Maker Revolution celebrates the creation of new devices and the modification of existing ones - the transition from a consumer buying goods to eventually having a major part in their creation. The Maker Revolution places strong emphasis on free (…

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The maker revolution has a parallel to the “home brew” clubs in California in the 1970s. The “homebrew club” was organized to share ideas with fellow hobbyists whose interests were in electronics and primitive computers such as the MITs Altair Ideas were shared and implemented. Many famous people emerged from the “homebrew club” including Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs (RIP) and Bill Gates. Information was distributed by hardcopy.

Today, instead of hardcopy dissemination of information through newsletters, the information is disseminated by the internet to many more people. This information could be about computer languages, computer projects to name a few. Like the Altair in the “home brew” club, and the “Commodore 64”, “Microbee”, and “BBC Micro.” of the 1980s, we have the more powerful machines that can sit on the palm of your hands. Welcome the RPi, Arduino and recently the RPi Wireless.

The common thread through the homebrew club, the 1980s computers and the maker revolution is information dissemination. This time, instead of hardcopy handouts (newsletters), magazines and bulletin boards, we have the internet. Information which is disseminated faster to more people.

In sum the maker revolution is like the “home brew” club only faster, more powerful and connected to more people.

Anthony of exciting Belfield NSW

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