Maker social groups (Facebook, Meetup etc)

Does anyone have any Facebook group/Meetup group / other that they want to plug for sharing their projects in more of a social way (the forum is nice, but I only tend to browse it when I’m trying to solve a problem).

I’m kind of surprised there’s no Australian Makers group on Facebook (or at least one I can find)

Would be keen to see everyones projects and talk shop.


Hey Cameron,

I’d suggest looking up local HackerSpaces and MakerSpaces in your area to see whether they’ve got any public pages. I know that our local University has one, although I’m not sure whether that’s open to the public (I’m sure that there’d be others too :grin:)

P.S. We’ve got a page for sharing projects to the public in our Learn/Projects page with a store credit reward for helping us get it processed with you, but by the sounds of it you’re after a more social environment:


Hi Cameron,

I kinda use the forum to share projects and cool things I figure out. I’d be keen to rally behind you if you started anything, Facebook, Discord etc.

The only issue with a group like that is keeping on top of moderation once it blows up.

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Hello Cam.

Take a look at the Melbourne Raspberry Pi maker group. They don’t restrict themselves to just RPi.

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