Community Lulzbot Mini Review!

Great to see another Aussie with a Lulzbot Mini, and this was a nice “down to earth” review. Thanks!

Pro tip re the dirty head - this happens a fair bit if the hotend is left on for a while which allows the filaments to wisp up the nozzle and “bake”. We’ve noticed it more-so with PLA. Use the removal knife to do a gentle mechanical clean by lightly “scraping” the nozzle surface with the blade (notably around the very tip). With that said, we perhaps do this once a month, if that, and our printer is physically printing every day. Perhaps a better method would be with an acetone bath, but a quick mechanical clean is 50x faster!

Also, grab a Raspberry Pi and load up OctoPi for sub $100 remote printing (even over the internet). We have a great guide here

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