Tinkerkit Braccio - Servo noise

Just bought and assembled the following:

However, the servos are making a high-pitch noise after moving the arm using one of the example sketches via Arduino IDE ( using the Braccio library ). Are these servos that noisy? Even after the arm reached its desired position, you can hear the high-pitch noise … possibly because it is trying to stay in its position, trying to counter its own weight (?). Looked at some youtube videos of the braccio, and I can hear the same high-pitch noise from those videos.

Any suggestions on reducing the noise ? Or even possibly use a different servo ?

The servo motors are powered from the supplied Braccio control board which in turn is powered externally via the supplied power adapter.

This noise is probably normal - a result of the holding-torque demanded of each motor. I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it :confused: .

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