2D Inverse Kinematics with Caliko applied on Braccio Robot Arm

After some spare time during the holidays, I was finally able to combine using an inverse kinematics library called Caliko ( created by a lecturer at Federation University of Australia ), of which I am a contributor, and a Tinkerkit Braccio robot arm.

The robot arm is basically controlled from a laptop, where the robot arm is modelled in 2D using the Caliko library, and using the mouse, point to where the end-effector should be. The library solves how the robot arm should reach that 2D point, and I then wrote custom code to translate that solution into angles for the servo motors on the arm.

2D Inverse Kinematics with Caliko applied on Braccio Robot Arm


Neat project! I see the chess/checkers board nearby - is this going where I think it is :slight_smile:

Great Job!
Can you please share how to connect between the caliko library and arduino

It’s been a while. I’ll give a summary of what I did so that you can do it yourself. I also noticed you posted the question on youtube, so I’ll summarise it here as well:

  1. The braccio robotic arm kit includes a board that you can attach to any Arduino Ono. I used an Arduino Uno Wifi in my case.
  2. One of the sample sketches that I found online was a REST-like API to control the braccio. The sketch was basically specifying the rotation for the servo motor(s).
  3. Modified the sketch so that I can send the angles for all the motors in a single URL / REST call.
  4. Translate the solution from the caliko library into angles for the servo motors.
  5. Send the angles in the REST call / URL that was setup.

I’ll leave it to you as an exercise to connect all the above pieces together and have fun.

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