TinyFPGA programming issues

I have just generated a bitmap for a simple tinyfpga test application and am having issues programming the FPGA. Using the TinyFPGA Programmer application i load the hex file and press Program FPGA and i get the message “Unable to communicate with TinyFPGA. Reconnect and reset TinyFPGA before programming.”

I have tried doing as the message suggests as well as all combinations of resetting the device before and after loading the programmer application. I have removed and reinstalled the programming application and also tried removing and reinstalling python. I am running windows 10.

Any ideas?

Hi Leon,

Can you post some photos of your setup? Just checking - you are powering your FPGA while trying to program it? Is the programmer is detected by windows?

Are you running through the guide here? https://tinyfpga.com/a-series-guide.html

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I am using the TinyFPGA BX with USB, so it is powered by USB. I am using this guide https://tinyfpga.com/b-series-guide.html as it is a b series board.

Initially it enumerated as a COM port but TinyFPGA programmer couldn’t seem to detect anything on the port. I have since updated the bootloader using Linux, now back on windows it trys to enumerate then drops out.

Hi Leon,

Hmm, a tricky one! I assume you’re using the latest version of the TinyFPGA Programmer. Here’s a forum thread that might be helpful: https://discourse.tinyfpga.com/t/error-board-tinyfpga-bx-not-connected-solved/383/58

You shouldn’t need it on Win 10, but have you tried the Virtual Serial Driver? Will the COM Port show up in Linux? If so we can probably rule out an issue with the board. Could be something in Windows. Also worth noting you’ll need Python 2.7 apparently 3.0 can lead to issues: https://discourse.tinyfpga.com/t/programmer-for-b2-dodgy/86