To create movable bat wings with LEDs light

I am creating a garment fitted with bat wings on the sleeve/ shoulder areas that able to open and closed with soft buttons and LEDs light at the chest area.

I would be using Micro controller but do not know what other software do I need. I found a tutorial from Adafruit but the list is too exhausting.

Would you able to recommend the correct hardware and software?


Hi Fay,

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I’ve had a quick read through that tutorial and all of the hardware parts listed are necessary for the build. If you want something to use fewer parts or be cheaper you will need to scale down the ambition of the project and remove some of the features.

I think that tutorial is very good though, most of Adafruit’s tutorials are usually top tier.
Is it more important to you to have the wings move or have them light up?

If you just need them to open and close a well-hidden tension cord that pulls them forward or backward might be a lot simpler.

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What type of tension cords? It has to be conductive materials or just fishing line or umbrella aluminium rod?