Touch moon lamp electronics

Hi I’m looking for all the electrical component to make a touch light lamp, that can be recharged with a usb adaptor. As in the below link below.

Hi Donnovan,

I took a look at the pictures. It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before, and could most likely be a custom board. That said, I would go for a Trinket Pro, a Backpack, a LiPo, and a 3W light. Put a physical switch in the bottom rather than capacitive touch, otherwise, find room for one of these:

Let me know how it works out!

i like moon lamp i have purchased but there are no touch feature i want to know that best
moon Lamps 2019 with touch feature and battery

If you were to follw the guide about you could use the Trinket M0 it has three built-in touch sensors

though you may need to make some changes to the model as plastic is not touch sensor friendly

what is you thinking about touch feature