LED Lamp Component Query

Hi All
I am wanting some assistance. I am trying to source components to make a small lamp with crystals. I have the following picture to show what I would like. Any suggestions gratefully received on how I can source something similar. I will be loading them into wood. Happy for them to be USB, I would also like advise re leads to attach to these. Of course I am looking to make these as economical as I can.
Cheers Marie

Hey Marie,

Welcome to the forum, sounds like an awesome project!!

Running with the maximum power output of USB 2.0 (5V @ 0.9A) we should have access to enough power.

We have a couple of LED modules that would be perfect for this project, they can be found here:

The Adafruit LED is far brighter and with a pulsed signal, you are able to change the brightness of the LED.

I couldnt track down an all in one board that handles the colour changing, if you were looking to make a few it might be worth looking into programming some microcontrollers so you can make custom lighting effects!

Core has an awesome guide for using LED’s here: https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/all-about-leds.html
and Adafruits guide: Overview | RGB LED Strips | Adafruit Learning System

Let us know how you go!