Touchscreen with the best drivers/distro supporting scrolling

Which is the best touchscreen with the best supported drivers/distro for raspberry pi 3 - that supports desktop resolution such that everything I display can be made visible, possibly supporting some sort of scrolling drivers to get to things that are too big for the screen. My old eepc had scrolling drivers.

For example, with my current jaycar 2.8" touchscreen and some custom raspberian distro: running the standard linux calculator app I can only see the top row of calculator keys and cannot get to the rest of the calculator. Same with most software I run. It’s like operating system support is not full thought out - or at least, targets only custom apps with a fixed resolution.

Ideally I’d want drivers that install easily into the standard raspberian distro - not some dodgy custom build that will go out of date. And some technique that lets me switch between touchscreen and hdmi easily. Which of the core-electronics touchscreens give me this?

Hi Andy,

If you want a display that runs with no drivers or custom image installations, then go with an external display like this one:

If your looking for a small touchscreen that doesn’t need a custom image. Try this one: