Tracking social interactions with a wristband device


I am looking into a research project that aims to track social interactions at events (e.g., a music festival). My idea is that this could be accomplished using wristbands worn by the attendees that can identify (and log) when they have been tapped together.

My initial hypothesis is that this could be achieved using RFID tags and readers embedded in the wristband. Interactions could be stored onboard (with the wristbands collected afterwards), or transmitted to a hub via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

I would love to leverage the collective wisdom of this community - is this is a feasible approach, is there a better approach, and what hardware would you recommend?


Hey David,
Welcome to the forums!

The most considerable issue I can see occurring is size. However, a simpler method I can think of would be to use a basic NFC Bracelet and have people scan it in a safe environment on their phones to log the data somewhere, linking who logged it with the NFC ID that is scanned.

Using something like the PiicoDev NFC Reader, with a powered Pico W would work, but is a bit bulky for people to lug around on their wrists all day. Readers (especially powered ones) are always going to be a bit bulkier than using pre-existing technology that’s already fairly commonly carried.