RFID tagging

we are wanting to track our job packets for small jewellery. We collect repairs in stores then transfer to our workshop, where they are repaired and sent back. So it would be good if we had a system that we could attach some sort of tag to each packet, place it in the secure travel tin and bulk scan them before they leave. Then bulk scan them when they arrive in the workshop, etc

My issue is that it really has to be bulk scanable, and with no or limited user input. Our trouble is people are not manually tracking correctly at the moment so anything more complicated will definitely not get done. So we seem to waste time looking for jobs that are in one place or the other. It has to be McDonalds easy

Hi @David44130,

As if by great timing, we have this new product in the mix

Which will simultaneously read RFID rags such as these

There is lots of support documentation on the product page, would be worth checking these products out for your project!