Trying to run balenaEtcher on Raspberry Pi 4

Hello - I am very new to this & not used to coding! I have loaded Raspbian to the SD Card & have that running on my Raspberry Pi 4. I need to download & run a program (Volumio) but have to run Etcher to “Flash OS images to SD card” of that program first. I have gone to to download the version for x64 directly to the Raspberry, which is a Zipped folder. I unzipped then double click the AppImage file & it says “the file is executable. Do you want to execute it?” then I choose either “Execute” or “Execute In Terminal” both options do nothing. If I right click I could choose “Open With…” but open with what? Does anyone have any suggestions that will work? thanks Wendy

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The program you have downloaded is a Windows program, designed to run on Windows and the Intel/AMD processors. The Raspberry Pi is linux, and an ARM processor.

The Volumio image you downloaded is meant to be downloaded to a Windows PC, and then burnt to an SD card with Etcher.

Once that has been done, take the SD card to the RPi, and BOOT from it.

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Thank You - I had a feeling! Have done that & am now continuing with the set up. I am sure I will have more questions to come! Thanks

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Make Shure to Read the Etcher User Manual Or Tutorial

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Thanks Robin & Wayne I now have things working & am now at the stage of trying to get Volumio to schedule playlists as it does not have a plug in. Looks like I need to do some backend commands with the Raspberry. I will be sure to start another discussion on that as I try to figure things out. By the way, is there some sort of tutorial or webinar etc for Raspberry newbies who need to get their head around commands & the workings on Raspberry? thanks so much

Way to go Wendy.

Good to see you have got things working. I’ll link you to the Volumio forum and docs. Both good places for your setup.

Some info on commands specific for the RPi. Enough to get you in trouble :grin:

That’s enough to get you going. Use of the web searches when you have questions is also a good way to go.

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Thanks Robin! I will be jumping back onto this project next week. Lots of fun ahead! have a great weekend :smiley: