Trying to source Type A 4 pin USB cable to unknown 4 pin plug


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I actually won 100 of these fans at auction but they had no USB programming cables.
It’s the cables I am trying to identify specifically the small end that plugs into the mini port under the fan blades- anyone familiar with these cables or what type is the small male plug. The PC end has a standard type A 4 pin male plug but I have been unable to identify the proprietary small plug. If you can help GREAT!actual%20fan1 messagefan2 actual%20fan%202

Hi Robert,

That is a USB Mini 4P connector.

The cables are pretty widely available, so sourcing one shouldn’t be a problem (now that you know the name!)

Bloody ripper Stephen a great bit of information, much appreciated, so all I have to do is get some Male USB Mini 4p connectors and find out how to wire to a type a male 4pin plug so I can use a desktop PC to test out some of these fans before selling them on.

OK mate have you guys got such cables made up, Type A male to Male mini 4p as I need to get a couple to test program these fans before ordering a whole lot of them.

I have actually spent nearly 2 days trying to find out what those plugs were called and I’m too bloody old to be wasting 2 days on such things Thanks Heaps.

If you can supply can you give me price for a couple of cables and let me know what payment modes your company accepts.

Regards Robert J Cohen

Hi Robert,

We don’t carry them, but if you type “USB Mini 4P” into Google the first thing that comes up is some USB Type A male cables to Male mini 4p. Problem solved! I just included this picture to make it clear that I’d found the same connector :slight_smile:

Again Thanks Stephen, I used to think I knew how to search for things but it appears I was damned Wrong.

Cheers again Stephen

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