U-blox NEO-6M GPS Module (018-GY-GPS6MV2) - Comments

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This GPS module is well known amongst the community and is often used with the ArduCopter gear. At the core is a U-blox Neo-6 GPS receiver which has advanced power management and anti-jamming technology. The module takes care of all the hardware requirements leaving only 4 connections to your micro/external application (Vcc RX TX Gnd).

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extention cords for gps neo recievers

Hi Alec,

I’d use ribbon cable for a job such as that. You can tear-away the uneeded strands and cut/solder as needed.

Hi Folks

I’m about to integrate this into COTS module one of my designs, and was looking for some mechanical dimensions, namely:

  • envelope dimensions
  • mounting hole sizes and placement

I can see that the ublox module itself is 2.2-2.6mm tall, is it possible to post a marked-up 2D projection of the PCB/PWB with GY-GPS6MV2 on its silkscreen?

Cheers, Cal

Hello Callum.

I made a 3D model in Tinkercad of this module. Did not have dimensions off a datasheet so took the measurements myself. I’ve used this to design a board and case to house the GPS module and other components. Very helpful.

Below is the .stl file of the model. You can import this into Tinkercad and other 3D viewing and cad programs.

GY-GPS6MV2 model.stl (62.3 KB)


Hi, I have just bought one of these GPS units and just want to ask what is the max voltage that can be applied to the VCC?

Hi Scott,

The max voltage that can be applied to this board is 3.3V any higher voltage could potentially permanently damage your board. If you have a higher voltage power supply I’d recommend using a regulator or a logic level converter such as those that I’ve linked below.

All the best with your project!

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Hi Bryce,
Is the on board regulator is no good.
From datasheet:
’ Uses a XC6204B2K voltage regulator, so it can take 3.3V and 5V operating voltages.’

Hi Greg,

No Vin is different to Vcc. Vin can accept higher voltage levels for power, but the logic level pins and voltage the reaches the actual GPS chip (including Vcc) can only be exposed to 3.3v.

It’s worth noting that despite ‘timepulse’ being listed under ‘features’, this is not broken out, so you’d have to solder a bodge wire to pin 3 to access the 1Hz timepulse signal


Hi Michael,

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve made a note to update the product page accordingly.


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Hi there, I need about 2000 x U-blox NEO-6M GPS Modules but need to know if they will work in the USA?

We have a unique product we’re bringing to market soon (ish) that requires such a GPS module.

If it does work in the US how easy is it to layer a GPS feature into an existing mobile application (similar to Apples Find My Phone feature for example)?

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Hi Saul,

That module supports SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) so it can operate globally using augmentations for each local region it finds itself in. WAAS is also listed which is what should be in use throughout North America.

This GPS module just outputs positional data via a TTL UART interface, if you wanted to integrate it into an existing mobile application you’d need to look at how that application is getting and handling GPS data.

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Hi Saul.

Do you need a wireless connection between the GPS & phone? Is a cable connection workable? Both are possible without a lot of effort.

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