LoRaWAN uGateway issues

Hi All,

I was unable to get the Core-Electronics uGateway (CE06076) connected to my WiFi.
I tried the https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/ugateway-wifi-setup.html which did not work (I have used this method before for other RPi devices. As a point of note: The above link shows screen images with “boot” as the drive name. My shows “Restore” as the drive name.
In the end, I bought a HDMI cable and a OTG - USB adapter and manually set the SSID and password. It now connects to my network and internet.
Is there a spot I can download a uGateway SD card image from?

I noticed that the Rx LED is constantly lit?? I was expecting a bit of Rx/Tx polling.

I used the update script via the desktop folder but this did not change anything.

How do I know if it is connected to LoRaWAN/TTN?

In https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/ugateway-other-tips.html, I found some links to see if the uGateway is connected to the TTN but how do I determine what the EUI is? There is not a region-select.sh script in the folder.

Final question, how do I specify my location ie longitude and latitude?


Hi Neil,

Once WiFi is setup, that’s it. Your uGateway will be connected to TTN and providing LoRaWAN coverage for at least a few hundred meters around.

We’ve shared a number of other tips in a separate tutorial, including how to claim your uGateway to configure on your own TTN Console (where you can also update the latitude and longitude of the device):

All of the service scripts used in those guides are on your RPi desktop (in the service scripts folder).

Everything used on uGateway is also shared on Github.

This would have to be the most popular way of setting up headless config for RPi. It works very well though it does depend on your operating system. Windows 10 is fine, Windows 7 can have quirks reading the uSD card. If you can see similar files as shown in the screenshot, then it’s the right folder. If not, you’re in the wrong spot and it might just be easier to do what you did - connect a screen/keyboard.