Unable to connect Pi4 to Android phone via Bluetooth

I want to connect Pi4 to Samsung J1 Mini Android phone via Bluetooth. I can pair them but when I try to connect the Pi4 (Raspban Buster OS) says the device (the phone) has no useable services. I can’t send a file from Pi4 to the phone. The option to do so does not appear when I right click on a file name.

Has anyone got over this hurdle? The Pi forum doesn’t have any info that helps me, although others have struck the same problem.


Hey John,

The reason files cannot be sent is due to the phone not running any client able to receive the sent files. I’d recommend an FTP client which you can find a tutorial to here…

Thanks Bryce.

I’ll follow yr suggestion and come back with the results.

The phone does download via Bluetooth from two Windows PCs. I don’t see why that works but not with the Pi4.



I cannot locate the Astro Bluetooth Module in the google Play app store. There are a couple of Astro apps but not the BT module.

I downloaded the FTP app by Medieval. When I try to connect to the RPi4 it takes some time and eventually says that FTP service is not on the target device (I assume that means the RPi4). If I try the OPP servce it says the same: OPP not available on the target device.

Any clues for me?


Hey John,

Did you also check out the linked tutorial on the instructable? It has more information that should be relevant to your project. Here’s a link to it https://www.instructables.com/id/Transfer-MP3-songs-in-Raspberry-Pi-to-Android-Phon/