Unable to get Pololu 3.3V Step-up/down voltage regulator(S78F3) work

As can be seen in the image, I followed the instructions on the product page and made the following connections:

  1. Vin to batteries(about 4.3V)\
  2. Pull shutdown to Vin
  3. Connect GND to battery gnd
  4. Connect a 10k resistance at Vout and GND

However, when I used a multi-meter to measure Vout, it showed 0V. We also tested Vin-GND which is about 4.3V and Vshutdown - Vin, which is about 0V. So both were correct.

Is it due to wrong connections? or is this voltage regulator simply a faulty component?

Hey mate, what happens when you remove that 10K resistor and take a reading?

Just a sanity check: Are those connections soldered?

Also, FYI there is a integrated pullup resistor on NOT(SHUTDOWN) so you don’t need the external wire to enable the circuit. You disable the circuit by pulling NOT(SHUTDOWN) low.

It works now. Didn’t solder pins and plugged into breadboard directly. Thanks mates.