Urban IoT Hackathon 2018

the Urban IoT Hackathon kicked off on the evening of Thursday October 25th and ran through to 2pm on the 27th. Around 20 local makers/hackers/tech-curious gathered to pitch ideas, and while there was no end of creativity, four ideas were inspirational enough to form teams and get on with the builds.

Our idea was to build a LoRaWAN gateway designed for community engagement and exploration of IoT as a grassroots product, creating edge-to-edge coverage across our cityscape. You can read more about ours and each of the projects on the Devpost website.

Here's our team, starting from the left is Brian (event host), me (Graham), Peter and Aaron. Special mention for Stephen who helped out a lot on Friday though missed the awards day! I'm holding the DIY Gateway, which we ran side-by-side with industry-grade hardware and didn't skip a beat. Impressive!

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