USB Power Bank Fast Charge 10000mAh (CE07374)

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10000mAh Dual USB battery pack to keep your electronics fully charged

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Hi, do any of your Power Banks have ‘Pass Through mode’? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Justin,

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Yes, I had a look online and this version of the Romoss power bank does support Pass-Through charging (for those not sure, pass-through charging is where you can charge the batteries, while also still providing an output voltage to any devices connected)


I want to use this UPS to power the following:

-Raspberry Pi 3B+
-Waveshare 4.3 inch HDMI capacitive touch screen
-Waveshare SIM7600G-H 4G HAT (B)

I can’t find any information on Waveshare website for how much current these items draw.

Do you think this UPS could do the job?

Also, does the UPS have an on off switch?

I am trying to make a Pi phone and this UPS seems like an easy option. (As opposed to using a lipo and having to work out DC 3.7 to 5V step up, low voltage and overcharge protection and battery level indicator.

I look forward to your reply and would appreciate any guidance

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If not is there a way to turn off?

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Hi Steven
This keeps on coming up BUT!!!

This is NOT a UPS. It is a power BANK, designed to provide emergency charging for phones etc when caught with no power outlet. NOT a power SUPPLY.

It will provide 2.1A from one USB port and 1 A from the other. The “official” RPi power supply I think is good for 3A. I will leave you to draw your own conclusion from that.

The 10000mAhr (10Ahr) is usually rated at the BATTERY voltage. It is quite different at 5V.

10000mAhr @ 3.7V = 37000Whr
37000Whr @ 5V = 7400mAhr
You must factor in conversion efficiency which could be as low as 85% (some get up to 95%).
85% of 7400mAhr = 6290mAhr. Quite a bit less than the quoted 10000mAhr. Even at 95% the result is 7030mAhr.

Don’t know, I doubt it

Pull the cable out.

If the load current drops to a pre-determined figure (the phone is charged) it will shut down.
Cheers Bob

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Hi Steven,

I’m working on a project, basically a desktop clock. It uses a Waveshare 7.9in screen. A config.txt settings is to set a max USB current of 1A, which is a good as it’s powered from the RPi USB. You may find something similar in the config.txt file for your selected screen.

If the Pi is ‘crunching numbers’ the screen has, occasionally, show a pop-up box suggesting separate power (which is an option). That only shows for a few seconds and everything keeps going. I’m driving the screen from a Pi 3 model A+, chosen for lower power use than Pi model Bs, since it may be left on for a lot of time. The screen and Pi are both powered by the standard 2.5A supply. It also has WiFi running (no idea how it compares to a 4G HAT in terms of power).

I know it’s a different set up, but maybe it gives you some ideas on power use. If nothing else, hopefully you can find the config.txt file and see what it says for setting a max USB current.

Cheers, Dave