Usb uart kit

i need a uart kit that i can hookup my rpi-4 and to my windows box via putty…
i have seen some on the web as far as i can tell they should work

i was wondering if coreelec had something ready to go out of the box
i assume it would need drivers for win 10 …this may be a problem

i do have one that i use with other sbc but it is 1.8/3.3 volt…it
auto detects voltage.
.but id rather buy something made for the rpi-4 …rather than run the risk of damage to either…

i found this on your shop…would this be applicable…

There’s nothing specifically for an RPiv4. All the GPIO pins are 3.3V.

I’m very confused why you need this device. Is there a reason you can’t connect using WiFi or LAN?

so i could connect it to the onboard uart pins to gain a serial console so i could still use the command line via putty …etc…etc.

This device is made specifically for that purpose:

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thanks that is what i was looking/needing…for the serial command line when i run it headless …

just purchased one from core…it`s a neat item…thanks shaun21504 your the best

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can anybody point me to the pins on the rpi-4 board to connect this…i am somewhat confused and don’t want to let the smoke out,i have all the win drivers and putty setup…only need the physical connections…

Same as on the raspberry pi2 and pi3. The headers are the same.

i have been using this product it works well ,mincom as well…