Using Arduino for Home Automation

I am looking to use the arduino to receive signals from sensors and switch on devices according to the sensor such as an electronic door release. How can I have a centrally located arduino with sensors in different rooms which could be some distance from the arduino. I am concerned as to how far the sensors can be from the Arduino?

Hi David,
By the sounds of it, you’re opening up pandora’s box here. What you’re asking has quite a few different answers. For example, Arduino is a platform, not a single board, so which Arduino board are you referring to? Will the sensors be wired or use a wireless protocol such as zigbee, bluetooth, or WiFi?

Perhaps the best place to start would be with our online Arduino Course which is freely available, and steps through everything from what an Arduino is, to completing entire projects.

Hi David,

Inline with Sam’s reply, lots of “it depends”. Perhaps you can share what sensors you are looking at using?