Using NeoPixels with Particle

Sam just shared a new tutorial: "Using NeoPixels with Particle"

Life’s better in colour right? Then why are you still using boring old regular LEDs in your project, when you could be using addressable RGB LEDs. Now LEDS that have Red, Green, and Blue integrated in a single package are nothing new, however t…

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Adding onto this great combination of LEDs and the Particles Cloud services, is the free Spark Pixels android app. Use the app to select different modes/sequences, speed, and brightness all through WiFi!
Check out the app here:
And the associated firmware/sketch and additional info here:


That’s a great addition thanks Kevin!

Hi, I am not a programmer and I have a little question about your coding.

On the last coding named ‘a simple animation using NeoPixels’, on line 18, it said: 'int waitTime = 25;'
Could you please let me know what ‘25’ means? Is it means the LED turning on duration before it turns off? And what is the unit of this number? (s or ms?)


Hi Richard,
In that case, 25 is simply the integer number 25, it doesn’t mean milliseconds or seconds, that’s determined during the code. In this case, waitTime is used to control the time between the delay() function which takes milliseconds in the brackets.

Hi Sam,

I see. I think now I understand it. Thank you very much.


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Not a problem Richard, best of luck with the projects!

Hi Sam, thank you for the article. I’m just getting started with the Particle Photon and Neobits and your post was the simplest, most straightforward (and for me, successful) tutorial out there.

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Hi Jay,

Glad to hear that it helped you. If you ever need further assistance or have any questions be sure to jump into the chat or send an email to we’re here to help :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

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