Simple Photon / Tinker / SK6812 LED strip program

I am wondering if you know of someone with experience with Photon and Tinker that I could ask to write this initial program. It seems a relatively simple thing to do, but I just can’t get there yet by myself and so I am looking for help.

I am new to Particle Photon and although I have done programming in the distant past, I am learning C++ programming now. However, I do not have the skills to do a simple test of setting up a photon with the Tinker App to input the four 0 to 255 values for RGBW for an SK6812 LED strip to see what visual colours are produced for various combinations of 0 to 255 for each colour. I just want the whole strip to be one colour and alterable from the Tinker App. And of course, be able to set the number of LEDs in the strip from within the program. Do you know of someone that can help me achieve this please ?


Hi John,

The Tinker App does not support that level of control through the app. SK6812 LED strips are addressable strips compatible with the NeoPixel libraries. Here is a link to a project someone shared where they created a custom app to do basically what you’re asking. It uses the Spark, but it should get you started on the right path.

If you want to learn about using the photon we have a lot of great tutorials on it:

Good luck with your project! Be sure to share it in the projects section of the forum!

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