Using the ESP8266 wifi shield

Hi All,

I’m wrestling with this shield just getting some test code working. The basic wifi test code is quite straightforward but I cannot get it to find the uartWIFI.h header hence the compile fails here > #include “uartWIFI.h”

I’m wondering if this .h file has been replaced with something newer?



Hey Gerard,

Got a link to the product you’re using and the library? I’ll take a look, see if I can spot anything.

In general though, it’s safest to make sure you’ve got all the necessary header files in the same folder as the rest of your library.


Thanks Oliver,

I’d have replied last night except my step-daughter made martinis and that was the end of that!

Here’s a pic of the shield I’m tinkering with…



I source it from Aus Electronics Direct ages ago. Yesterday, I had a look further and found the uartWIFI.h file hidden away in the doco. I included it in my ‘wifiTest’ routine but it returned multiple compile errors that I haven’t yet chased up (blame the martinis for that!).


Hey All,

The compile error/s seem to be relating to an undefined reference to ‘mySerial’ which seems to be referenced in uartWIFI.h.

I can’t upload the actual files but zip attached. (2.3 KB)

I reckon there’s a missing file somewhere…



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Hi Gerard,

Try setting up a SoftwareSerial object named mySerial connected to your ESP.