Vintage Controllers Made New with Makey Makey

With the recent surge of interest in Makey Makey, I had a bit of a look around to see what people were doing with it, beyond the famous ‘banana piano’, and was amazed at some of the ways people had integrated Makey Makey into pre-existing designs.

One of my favourites so far is Guilermo Amaral’s creative revival of a dead SNES controller as features on Hackaday. Whilst seeming to be a shift register that had died, he decided that his controller might better serve him as a class-compliant USB HID device. He used header pins to create contacts for the existing button pads, and then connected those to the Makey Makey. The best part is that a project like this requires no coding at all, and can be done with a Makey Makey straight out of the box!

I know a few old bits and pieces around my house which might end up getting the same treatment!

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