Project by Sam; Fruit and Veggie Gaming Controller

Sam just shared a new project: "Fruit and Veggie Gaming Controller"

In preparation for some Maker Faire’s we were heading to last year, I wanted to combine the awesomeness of the Makey Makey platform, with the fun that is RetroPie. For those who don’t know the Makey Makey, it’s a fantastic platform that allows you to connect the pin of an Atmega32u4 microcontroller up to the world around you. Fruit, vegetables, people, graphite, play dough, anything as long as it’s somewhat conductive. It then outputs keyboard and mouse commands over USB which is perfect for connecting to the USB ports on a Raspberry Pi! So we modified some of the Makey Makey code (oh yeah, it’s Arduino compatible) and got it all up and running.
I’m using the Makey Makey gamepad to control a RetroPie setup, however, it will also work on your computer or any other device that accepts a USB controller.

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