Watching TV without deafening household

My thanks go to Clinton, who suggested that I publish my problem as help might be at hand. Here goes!!!

I am 79 and have no electronic training which is why I am sending this plea to someone for help with an item I need badly.

I have bad hearing and I deafen my wife when I try to watch TV, so I am hoping that someone might be able to plan what components I will need to assemble an FM streaming box which would plug into the back of a TV so that I can use headphones or earbuds which plug into a portable receiver with volume control.

I imagine the part that streams would use AC/DC, and the receiver would use AAA or AA batteries and the wires would use 3.5mm connectors.

I will need a list of components and instructions, as to the order of the fitted parts and where. I would buy all the parts from Core Electronics, of course.

I am prepared to pay a reasonable fee for this endeavour.

Thank you.

Hi Nicolas!

I’m happy to help! We do have all the parts needed to build something like this, but it would take a lot of work, and maybe a little programming to accomplish.

There are products on the market already that do just this that you may not be aware of TV Wireless Headphones typically accepts a 3.5mm audio jack from a tv, or sometimes an RCA audio cord, and transmit the audio to wireless headphones. They vary in price and sound quality, from about $70 up.

If you are interested in a fun electronics project then I’d be happy to help you put something together, but if you just need some working wireless headphones then I would recommend the retail version that we don’t carry.

If your unsure of what one would be compatible with your TV, I’d be happy to help you choose a wireless headphones setup that would work for you even though we don’t carry them here. Just send me to product info of your TV and I could confirm if something would work or not. I would need the Brand, model number (if possible) and serial number (if possible). A photo of the label with the info would work!

I hope that helps! Please get back to me about wether you’d like to build one yourself!

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Hello Stephen!!! Thanks buckets for your reply for help. I am trying to take a pic of an old device I was given but it stopped working a long time ago. Just to give you an idea of what it looked like.

As soon as I can take the pic and be able to attach it to the email, I will send it. I used to tutor in DOS and Excel at the NT Uni., but not a clue on electronics.

I am truly grateful for your offer. BTW, I’d rather use in-ear-buds as I cannot wear my hearing aids BUT……this device will only be worn for a short time.

Many regards,

Nicolas Sampson.

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You could use something like this TV Bluetooth transmitter and any pair of Bluetooth earbuds should be able to connect to it.

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Good Morning Stephen!!!

You are a wiz !!! That Bluetooth device should satisfy all my criteria I think. I believe that it is not device specific, so that it can be used on the LG TV or my Yamaha amplifier.

Thank you for being helpful and spending your time researching my solution. I am most appreciative.

Many regards,

Nicolas Sampson.