Water recycling

Hello, I have a gas instant hotwater system in my caravan. rather than wasting water while waiting for the water to get to the desired temperature. I am looking to install a solenoid with the default position of closed. I would switch it on to open it and when open it would allow water back into the tank, when at the desired temperature I would close it (turn it off) and the water would come out the tap. I am thinking that the plastic 1/2 inch water solenoid would do the job. Could you please advise. Thank you

Hey Martin,

Iā€™d suggest connecting a solenoid in line such as this one, but be careful as they have a maximum working temperature of 75C. You could power it from a 12V line using a switch to control it manually making sure that the current from your supply is limited to avoid a short. Otherwise, you could use a relay connected to an Arduino with a script monitoring the resistive output of a thermocouple in the system to trigger the solenoid. All the best with your project!


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Thank you for your very helpful and thorough advice