Wave Share SIM7000e NB-IoT Hat via Serial

Gday Everybody,

I am trying to get my Pi 3B+ to connect to the Telstra Network with a Waveshare SIM7000e Hat. Thanks to “mkrzysztofowicz” post in this thread I have been able to use the mobile network as an internet connection IF it is connected with a USB cable. It seems not to rely on serial at all as It works without the hat mounted on the GPIO.

I would like to get the same result (internet connection) but with no cables - just using the serial connection on the GPIO. I have managed to send AT commands via the serial pins but have no clue how to set it up as the internet connection… I am punching well above my weight with this part of my project!

Any help and code examples would be greatly appreciated - I think I will need my hand held through this one!