Waveshare 4G HAT for Raspberry Pi (LTE Cat-4/4G/3G/2G/GNSS) SKU: CE07826

Hi I bought 2 Waveshare 4G HATs one of them works perfectly, the other one, modem works fine but the GPS does not work. I have swapped the GPS SMA puck with the working HAT and it works, so It must be the board itself.

I want to reflash the firmware as suggested by the chap who answered my call today, so can you please send me detailed instructions as to how this is best done.

Waveshare 4G HAT for Raspberry Pi (LTE Cat-4/4G/3G/2G/GNSS) SKU: CE07826



Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Yes, that was me that spoke to you earlier in the week, I haven’t been in for a little while myself. There were a few videos I could find online, although they were all in Chinese without subtitles and didn’t translate nicely with the built-in tools. The official instructions from Waveshare and SimCom are the first two links below, however, there’s a public GitHub repository that I found that was clearer that you may find useful instead at the bottom of this post:

Here’s a GitHub Repository that I found online that was the clearest in terms of instructions for how to upgrade the firmware on these boards:

If you find that you’re still running into the issue that you described with your SIM7600 HAT after reflashing (or you’d prefer not to reflash as these seem to be quite outdated not overly supported executables) please reply to the email that suggested that you make a post on the forum and we’ll have this sorted out for you right away from there.


So far I downloaded the QPST tool from here Download QPST Flash Tool (all versions) - Qualcomm Flash Tool for flashing the firmware. I didn’t have the firmware file so what I did was to do a backup of my working board then do a restore into the non working board. Unfortunately that did not work. I could talk to the non working board OK using AT commands so I knew that it was accepting commands.


I actually got my non-working board working today, this is how I did it.

Downloaded the windows USB driver from SIM7600CE-T/E-H/A-H/SA-H/G-H 4G Modules - Waveshare Wiki

Then I downloaded windows hyperterminal from here Windows XP HyperTerminal on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Then followed the commands from here Techship - FAQ - Basic GNSS/GPS usage guide for SIMcom SIM7100, SIM7500, SIM7600 series cellular modules

The non working board is now fully functional…Yay!

Then… the one I ordered to replace the non working board arrived. At least I have a spare now.



Hey Michael,

That’s brilliant, glad to hear that it’s worked out for you, and thanks for sharing your solution on the forum! Hopefully, it’ll help out someone else running into a similar issue in the future. :smile: Enjoy your weekend! And if you have any other questions please let us know.