Sim7600g-h 4g hat (b)

I would like to use this 4G hat to make a Raspberry Pi mobile phone. There are a few versions of Pi Phones out there but none that are 4G. The code for these projects is available on github.

What I would like to know is: Would it be difficult to alter this code so that it would work for this 4G hat?

If this is possible, what would be required?

Some examples that I am interested in using are:

GitHub - spadgenske/TYOS: A mobile Operating System for TyTelli


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Steven,

In case you haven’t already come across it we’ve got a guide to using a SIM7600 4G HAT with a Raspberry Pi. We were able to make calls, send texts, and identify the GPS location using it. Check it out below.

There are around half a dozen different variants of the SIM7600G devices we carry in our shop, but since they are all using the same module they largely have the same capabilities with only minor differences in form factor and setup.

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