Waveshare 5.5 Inch AMOLED Screen for Raspberry Pi

Hey all just put the finishing touches on the guide ‘Waveshare 5.5 Inch AMOLED Screen for Raspberry Pi’

Ever wanted a Pi Pocket Computer with a Vibrant Full HD Screen (1080x1920)? Or want a Premium Touch User Interface for your next ground-breaking project? Then this 5.5 Inch AMOLED Screen is exactly what you need.

I have set this up with a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B but you can definitely use this screen with an earlier version of Raspberry Pi Board going through the same process shown here. AMOLED screens have higher contrast, wider colour gamut, and wider viewing angles when compared with an LCD equivalent. This is why this 5.5inch 1920x1080 screen for Raspberry Pi provides such an elegant visual experience. Sporting a toughened glass capacitive touch panel (boasting a 6H hardness), 5 points of simultaneous inputs, a 3.5mm audio jack supporting the better HDMI audio output, and a micro-USB connection to power both the screen and Raspberry Pi simultaneously - it all makes this screen a formidable front runner.

Oh and did I mention it provides mounting points on the back for any previous generation of Raspberry Pi. So come learn how to set one up, tweak it so it performs the best, add rad screen savers and check out some great use cases for it. Watch till the end for a swell 3D printed case :blush:

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Thanks for this. I’ve ordered the parts and setup the screen to be a wall panel for my Home Assistant setup. It triggers the screen on and off via a motion sensor. Very happy with the quality of the screen. Just need to get a wall mount for it now :slight_smile: Might have to invest in a 3d printer lol.


That looks absolutely awesome and modern! I adore the idea of a motion sensor activating the screen, and along with all those big button options, your setup feels like peak ergonomics to me :slight_smile:.

Once you have it wall-mounted and fully operational it would definitely be sweet to see a write-up on the project page so I can learn more about it.


Hi guys, I’m looking for some input on this screen.

I would love to buy it but motion clarity is important to me and the two only video’s about the screen on youtube mention terrible screen tearing.

For the people that own the screen, would it be possible to test it with a different OS on the rPi?
I found this on the forums: “Ubuntu Desktop 21.04 on my Pi 4B 4GB and I can report that Canonical have managed to fix the screen tearing problem” 21.04 uses wayland instead of the x11 window system.



Hey mate, just set up the screen with the currently most recent version of Ubuntu Desktop 21.10 (RPi4/400) found in the Raspberry Pi Imager under the | Other general-purpose OS | then | Ubuntu | catagory.

And happily, I can confirm that there is no screen tearing at all! At least nothing that I could see with my eye.

The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B that I used did require some extra cooling to keep everything running smoothly and for the initial set up I needed to use a Normal monitor as the screen didn’t show up correctly on the Waveshare 5.5 Inch AMOLED until I did the initial set up procedure (providing it Username and Password details etc).

I have some images of it below. Hope this helps, I’m now going to update the guide. If I can figure out how to upload a video here I will do that too.


Awesome!! That is great news. Ordering the screen now.


Any chance of sharing the remix of the case? I can’t find the link in the article.


Heyya mate, since the new website update we are just going through some of the teething issues. Soon all the articles will have their downloads back.

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Hi Aaron,

In the meantime you can find the .zip file for this project here.


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