Waveshare 7inch LCD IPS 1024×600 (CE06731)

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This 7inch IPS display is a perfect option for a portable Raspberry Pi setup with HDMI input, USB power, capacitive touch and 1024x600 resolution.

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Hi, I am interested in the wave share 7” LCD IPS touch screen for a home built flight simulator.

Does the touchscreen functionality work with windows 10 directly, without the need for the RaspberryPi? That is with the HDMI and usb only? OR IS THE raspberryPi required to make the touchscreen work?

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.

Hey Lachlan,
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That screen is compatible with windows 10 and I am sure would be a great addition to your simulator.

It will just plug in via HDMI and USB to the computer. Your computer should recognise it as a touch screen device shortly after and it should need no further set up.


I want to buy one of these, but will it have five-point touch with raspberry pi OS?

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In particular on raspberry pi OS bookworm?

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Hi Nate,

Welcome to the forum. Most of the touchscreens from Waveshare aren’t currently support with touch screen and I don’t think this one is an exception. Hopefully soon we’ll have some config updates to get these working.

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Ok thanks. Do you mean that the screen will display, but the touchscreen input won’t work? If I use it on the older raspberry pi OS, would that work? If you don’t know that’s ok.

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Hi Nate,

The screen will definitely display (it uses HDMI), yeah legacy OS’s should work with the Pi 4, we havent tested this display with the new Pi 5.


Touchscreen too? Thanks

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