Waveshare ESP32-S3-LCD-4.3 800 x 480 Display

Hi All,
I have just purchased the above display which incorporates an ESP32 on the display. I have followed the Arduino (2.3.2) installation instructions from Waveshare, and uploaded the code to the board. I have added a couple of print statements to see a bit of what happens, here is the serial output:-

Panel test example start
Initialize display panel
LCD = 1070516104
Touch = 0
Backlight = 1070516224
Turn off the backlight
Draw color bar from top to bottom, the order is B - G - R
E (30) lcd_panel: esp_lcd_panel_draw_bitmap(33): invalid panel handle
E (30) ESP_PanelLcd: Draw bitmap failed
Turn on the backlight
Touch is not available
Panel test example end

So far I have not been able to get any response from the display at all and because there are so many setup variables that are changeable I am reluctant to go down that path.
If anyone has this display working I would appreciate some help in setting it up.

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Hey @David66175 David.

Fair enough.
Could you provide a link to the code that you have been following?
we might be able to read it and provide some insight :slight_smile:

Hi Pixmusix,
Thanks for your reply, here is the link from Waveshare’s documentation. https://files.waveshare.com/wiki/ESP32-S3-Touch-LCD-4.3/S3-4.3-libraries.zip
and the link to the documentation


Hi David,

I’ve found ribbon cable connections on displays can be quite sensitive and it is possible it may not be connected properly. Give that one a look first.

It is odd it isn’t defaulting to its errors if the screen isn’t doing anything. I can’t see a section on it’s power requirements but what are you using at the moment to power it?

The board has two USB-C inputs (1 for programming, and 1 for serial output) both supply power. I checked the 5V rail - 4.95 V and 3.3V rail 3.4V the display connecter is also well seated, actually I just remembered it came with a demo program programmed in and it was working as expected with only 1 USB plugged in so it doesn’t use much power.

This is odd behaviour. How is your Arduino IDE configured? Can you send a screenshot of the tools dropdown in particular. Hopefully it is a software issue and not a hardware one.

Plz check your wirings and also try to test the display in a different platform.

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I have spent too much time on this at present, so I am going to put it aside for a while, and do some research in my spare time. The two attached images are the tools drop down, and a listing from the serial output port. The board is set as an ESP32_S3_LCD_EV_BOARD, which is basically what is printed on the PCB.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys.