Waveshare 6" ePaper Display

I have come by a waveshare 6" HD epaper display, but without the IT8951 driver board that seems necessary to drive it. (It seems to have a 34 pin ribbon parallel connector). I can’t figure out how to get one. Are you guys aware whether Waveshare themselves as wholesalers ship these? It seems odd that they are so hard to find, the other driver boards (which I have) are all over the place.


Hey Colin,

What’s the model number for the display? We’ll see what we can find.

Here’s the item (‘6inch HD e-Paper’, sans hat). The SKU is 17490 for the raw display, 17590 for the one with the hat.

Waveshare wiki page


Hi Colin,

Looks like the separate driver doesn’t exist as a regular Waveshare SKU, so we wouldn’t be able to include it in our orders from them, but I’d just ask them directly whether they’d be happy to send one to you, since presumably they are assembling display+driver kits already.

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