Waveshare Pico OLED 1.3


I’ve tested the OLED display with two different Pico boards (standard, not W) and in both instances the board will not boot with the OLED connected. The board would be connecting using SPI, as I made no modifications to connect via I2C.

I’ve tested both the uf2 file provide in the waveshare libraries and the latest uf2 file on the raspberry pi website. After flashing the device, connecting the OLED screen and then usb, no connection can be made to the PC (using thonny on Ubuntu). Normally I would connect on port /dev/ttyACM0

Here’s some pictures of my pico and the display

Thanks in advanced!


Hi Joshua, Welcome to the Forum!

I can’t see anything visually wrong with your OLED board, but there could be something wrong internally. I’ve got a few questions to ask about your setup though to rule out anything else:

What code are you running on the Pi? If you run a simple “blink” sketch that turns the inbuilt LED on the Pico on and off forever, does plugging in the HAT “freeze” the LED or just turn it off? This will tell us whether it’s a momentary disruption to the Pico or a collapse of the power rail.

Did you solder those headers on yourself? Any chance we can get a look at the other side? I’m almost certain we’ll see nothing but nice joints, but I’d like to be sure.

Keen to get to the bottom of this one! If it looks like a faulty device, we’ll get you sorted over email.

EDIT: D’oh! A collegue has pointed out that I missed the obvious! You may have soldered the Pico around the wrong way:

Note the components facing away from the OLED


I definitely soldering the headers the wrong way down. I guess I was expecting it to look like the ARM raspberry pi! Everything works now - thanks so much for the advice - wish I had picked this up…

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