WB Testing phase

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Uni and all that stuff!

I’m at the pointy end with my wicking bed project and here is the completed Slave device (I’ve event tested it!)

In testing the SPI bus, I’m using the Excamera Labs SPI device (see pic)

Weird problem that I’m having is that when I send a byte out on the SPI Tester (the Excam Labs one), I can’t see any data coming off the 6 pin connector. This is using the spicl.exe command. I wrote a little batch file to loop sending a byte of data. This Excam device gets the data, displays it but nothing comes out to the 6 pin connector.

Anyone with much experience with this Excamera Labs device shed any light?




Hi Gerard,

While I haven’t used the Excamera device, if you intend to do more projects like this where you aren’t confident your communication peripherals are behaving themselves, a Saleae is invaluable. The software is a million times better than a little LCD, and it can record for hours (days even? your RAM capacity and the signal density is the limit) and also analyse pretty much any other protocol under the sun (i2c, serial/UART, Modbus are ones I’ve used)

I’d give the software a look and open a demo capture to see if you like the workflow, and start saving if you do (I understand that students don’t usually have the cash to throw at test gear, but the Logics are really worth it)

It can’t send data, but getting a microcontroller like a Pico to do that with high-level libraries is fairly fast.


Thanks James for that.

I was really just wanting to send bytes out and check that it was working.

I do have a Bus Pirate that I sourced from Core. Haven’t used it to date as I need something “plug and play” with a Win10 application.

The Saleae looks like a sweet little unit though!


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I just installed and ran the Demo routine. From that demo, it looks like a ‘must have’ device!

The Excam SPI Driver is a bit disappointing TBH.