Wearable technology Project advice Lily Pad and Pulse?

I have a student who is planning to make a wearable technology dress for her formal as her HSC project. She has an idea of changing lights based on mood or possibly pulse? We are thinking of using a lilypad, heart rate monitor and some LED light panels. I would love any suggestions or advice that you can offer.

Hi Victoria,

Cool project idea! You can absolutely measure heartrate in a wearable project and use it to control LEDs, Adafruit have a few project guides on that exact combo:

Almost all of adafruit’s range is available locally here at Core, so just prepend “ADA” to the start of the adafruit part number, and our search should take you directly to our relevant product page :slight_smile:


Hi James,

Thanks very much! Is it possible to do something similar with the following products or would you recommend adafruit over the following:

  • Lilypad
  • Conductive Thread
  • switch
  • Battery holder
  • LEDs (White, Red)
  • Pulse Sensor
  • possibly ECG ??
  • Possibly fibre optics??