What do I need for 24Mhz radio transmitter + Raspberry Pi Zero W setup?


I’ve never owned a Raspberry Pi before but come from a computer engineer background so fine with software and standard computer hardware. I would like to setup a Raspberry Pi Zero W to transmit to my gate RF receiver (24MHz) to open it. Can you please suggest what I need for this?

The remote control for the gate is the one linked to below. Also, I plan on using a LiPo battery to run the Raspberry Pi W. FYI I plan on running a headless setup with just a web server running on it and possibly Homebridge (the nodejs server that links to Apple HomeKit).

I’ve also provided a picture below to the gate opener logic board. The rf receiver is the flipflop board.

Hi @Tim122099

The transmitter is the thing we need to see the inside of, not the receiver.

It may be as simple as connecting a GPIO pin to the inside of the transmitter, or a small relay from a GPIO pin, to mimic the press of the button.

The RPi doesn’t have a 27MHz RF transmitter, so hacking an existing remote would be easiest, and you wouldn’t have to worry about what the twelve switches do to the output of the remote.

Hi @Robin57159,

Thanks for your reply. The remote is the FMT-301 as per the link below:

Just further to the above. I’ve taken photos of the transmitter, i.e. the insides of the remote. Please find these below. First photo shows small button in black.

The button in the top picture is what you need to emulate with the RPi. From the block diagram, it appears to be actively switching the 9V battery, so I wouldn’t connect it directly to the RPi GPIO pins. Doing so could damage the RPi.

Here’s a link to a simple tutorial for using the RPi with a relay module.

Edit: your multimeter will tell you where to connect the relay in place of the button.

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