What inverters do I need for 14.5m of neon EL wire?

I have a project that needs to power 14.5 meters of EL wire. That 14.5 meters will also be split 10 ways.

This project will be mounted on a car, which has a 2kVA generator in the back. But the generator will also be powering other christmas lights and a sound system.

So this setup will need to hook into either the generator, the car lighter socket, or have it own battery source.


  1. What type and quantity of inverters do I need for this project? I’m not very technical so I please need advise for making this setup work.

  2. Is it ok to split something 10 ways from a single source?

  3. I want these lights to pack a punch, so I’m considering using the Adafruit high brightness EL wire. Does it out perform the normal type of EL wire by a large degree?

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi Ben,

As per our conversation yesterday regarding the EL Wire, here is a great tutorial series by Adafruit which discusses the technical usage and limitations of using EL Wire https://learn.adafruit.com/el-wire/using-el-wire

I mentioned that your best bet might be this 12V supply EL inverter which can handle longer runs. It’ll still only do 6m of the High-Brightness EL Wire, so you’ll still need at least 3 to get proper brightness.