Which speaker should I buy?

I want to play music using speakers using my Arduino mega 2560.

But not sure which speaker to buy.

I came across a couple speakers:

But need to know:

  1. Which speaker is compatible with Arduino mega 2560?

  2. And how do I even connect speakers to the arduino? Like which pin do they go into?



Note: I currently have my SD card module (which will contain my music).

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Hi Teena
I don’t think any Arduino will drive any of them directly. You will need some sort of amplifier. The speakers are only the start.
Cheers Bob

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Hey Teena,

Unfortunately the Arduino Mega is a little too slow to play music and doesn’t have a digital to analog converter (DAC) to make the correct signal.
A Teensy 4.0 is quite a bit beefier and allows for the audio shield to be added to close the rest of the project

If you are looking to add audio an audio FX board is your best bet, you upload audio to them and then can program them to play from a serial connection.

To answer your questions

  1. Just using the pins on the Arduino the only speaker that would be compatible is a Piezo,
    they can run from a PWM signal: USE a BUZZER MODULE (PIEZO SPEAKER) USING ARDUINO UNO - Arduino Project Hub

  2. Unfortunately no pins are able to run the speakers directly, to add to Bobs comment as well, the Arduino’s pins are only able to push 20mA (0.1W which is very quite!) You’ll definitely need an amp somewhere in the mix.

I’d also check out this tutorial here: http://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/how-to-use-speakers-and-amplifiers-with-your-project.html

Let us know how you go!


thank you so much liam for your help! i really appreciate it

as a newbie, there are so many components and it can be quite overwhelming.

if i just purchase the the audio fx board, do i still need the teensy?

because all i want to do is output music


Hey Teena,

How long are the tracks that you want to play? The FX board is good for a short while but the Teensy can hold quite a bit more.

You’ll only need one or the other
Ohhh yeah there are so many boards and a lot of gotchas. This one seems pretty plug and play as well: Voice Recorder Module-breakout Australia

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thanks robert

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i agree, so many gotchas :frowning: but i guess it’s part of the learning journey!

my song is 34 seconds, 817 kb, i think the audio fx board can take up to 2mb right?

have u built something with these components before? :hushed:

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