Windows 10 IoT on Raspberry Pi 3

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Today we’re going to look at installing the Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things) core onto a Raspberry Pi 3.
Traditionally Windows has been the resident overlord of desktop devices, however in recent years we’ve seen it transform into a m…

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Hey guys,
I just bought a raspberry pi 3 from you and am looking at getting started with installing IOT on it. However, you’re tutorial doesn’t specify which download option i should go for regarding IOT core packages…there is IOT for raspberry pi 2, the dashboard, or the insider preview…which one do i download???

Hey Andrew, with the Windows 10 IoT core, the insider preview is what you want. During the installation process inside of NOOBS it should prompt you to the correct version.

Awesome, thanks for that it’s working now just fine.

New Question.

Do i need to connect my RPI3 to my computer directly for my computer to recognize it so i can begin to code on it? Issue is that i only have 1 ethernet port on my PC and it’s used for connecting to the network for internet. SO seeing as RPI3 has wifi, can’t it connect to the network and then my computer seeing it there so i can begin some projects?

Currently my RPI3 is connected to my internet and the network router…but i don’t see it come up in the windows IOT core watcher.


Hi Andrew,

Nice to hear you’re almost there! Wifi offers all the same features, so perhaps rehash on this guide

It’s fairly straight forward - you may already have done that. Either way, you can refer to the local IP of the RPi manually.

Please do share your projects and tips as you go!

Awesome, yup its working now, at least i can see it on my IOT dashboard. I guess now it’s time to look for some fun projects to do to start building this Laboratory AI/automation system i want to.

I’ll keep ya posted!

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Awesome to hear you go it worked out Andrew. That sounds awesome, what are some ideas you’ve got lined up?