Rasp Pi 4B Win10 IoT

Brand new Rasp Pi 4B.
I was told that it will run Win10 IoT before I bought it.
I tried to install using the existing Pi 2/3 Win10 IoT installers - eg here https://www.windowscentral.com/how-install-windows-10-iot-raspberry-pi-3
No luck - it doesnt even boot. Any advice please.
Owen from Core - are you here?

Hi Glenn,

The RP4 will not run Windows 10 IoT, however, the older RPI 3 will. Sorry if any confusion.

Fyi, Microsoft have not been updating Windows 10 IoT, it’s far from what you would expect “Windows 10” to be (instead, it’s a very cut down OS). You would be best suited to use Raspbian on the RPI4, it’s going to be much (much!) faster and fully support all of the innovations on the newer boards.

If you do want to explore that, follow this guide with a 3B+ (though as it’s an older board, it’s in limited production and available with a rather long lead time)

Thank you
I couldnt get Win10 to work on the Pi 3B+ so i bought the 4 - it arrived today. I tried several different Win10 installs - including the 17661 version you linked - with no luck.
The rep told me he had Win10 working on the Pi 4B for several weeks without issue. If he can get it to work without issue I should also be able to - thats my theory anyway.
The Pi is needed to run a simple overhead document scanner from ebay - very basic stuff - but it needs windows.
Ill try the install again.

Please read the following thread. Pi3B+ and Pi4B are extremely hit and miss with Win10 IoT.


Thanks Robin
Thats the thread I initially started - and it was the reason I went back to Core to get the Pi 3- but was advised the Pi 4 would work with Win 10.

Hey @Glenn85918, sorry to chime in late here, but thought I would chime in anyway. The simple breakdown (and sorry if you seem to have been told the wrong thing)…

  • Raspberry Pi 4B - Windows IOT core is not meant to run on this model. Microsoft aren’t even planning to look at it. I would be very surprised if the rep did get it working. If so, I would suspect it would also have WiFi and Bluetooth issues (like the 3B+ below)

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ - You can run Windows IOT Core, but you need to run the Technical Preview Build 17661 version of it. Still even then, it may not run if you haven’t imaged this to the correct class of SD card and if you do get it booting, it’s slow as a wet week and Bluetooth and WiFi will not work.

  • Raspberry Pi 3B - There should be no problems running Windows IOT Core on this model of Pi. However, it will be very slow compared to running say, Raspian.

Note: There is a difference between Raspberry Pi 3B and the Pi 3B+ and Pi 4. They all run difference CPU chips and only the 3B seems to run nicely with IoT Core

If you wanted to run Windows IOT Core because you are more comfortable developing Microsoft .NET applications, at a pinch, you could run Raspbian and install the Mono framework in order to run your .NET apps on the device. It may get kinda fiddly if you wanted to program around sensors though and the packages you build in order to run will be kinda largish because of all the .NET DLL’s that may be required (so may sure you run a sizable SD card - 16GB min).

Been on this journey, so I know the pain. Hope this helps.


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Also worth noting that the End of Life (EOL) for all Raspberry Pi legacy products was recently extended until 2026, which is the same EOL as the latest RPI4.

From what I understand, this was an inititative to support industrial customers using older generation boards.

Thanks for your input.

The 3B+ - i finally got running on Win 10 IoT. I swapped SD cards, reboot after failed boot, but its working now and seems to be stable. No Wifi as was pointed out.

The 4 - Its running fine now on Raspbian. i have no idea what i am going to do with it - might see if i can go stake a coin.

My problem is now that IoT Core doesnt have a desktop environment so i have no idea how to drive it. User friendly inst something that was given much thought.

Is there an app i can install on the laptop to transfer data to the Pi via LAN cable or something? I can get a guy who will do all this work for me - but we connect via skype or teamviewer. So we can connect via the laptop but we dont know how to install things from the laptop to the Pi. There is an SSH on the Pi but i dont know how to turn it on in IoT Core (online instructions are for Raspibian).

When i first started this project months ago, and the guy who wrote the software said ‘get a Pi, its simple, it will do all this easy’ i thought ‘yeah great’. Now - i want to strangle him.

Hi again Glenn.

The development of the application is done on the PC, and the dashboard runs there. I think if you re-read AdaFruit’s tutorial on how they set it up, things will be clearer.

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