Wiring Harness for Spotlights

Hi All, I am looking to make my own wirelessly controlled wiring harness for my spotlights on my car. At this point I am looking at relay switches that can be radio controlled but am unsure as to what products would be best suited and whether there is one product that closely matches what I am after that I could customise slightly to make it more suitable to my needs.

If anyone has any thoughts or experience with this concept, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Dane
Is there a specific reason for wireless control? Don’t know much about the more modern car but on earlier models it used tone a bit frightening to look under the bonnet at night when it was real dark. Some made Xmas decorations look pretty tame. Best of luck getting anything wireless to work under there. May have some chance with diesel. The design people go to a great deal of trouble to keep this noise out of your car radio and anything else in the cabin.
Cheers Bob