RF relay boards

I Need help with creating a wireless relay trigger.
I have a Dahua Pro camera on my drive way with 1 dry contact relay built in.
When a car drives in i get a notifiaction but i want a light to flash in my office.
I would like to keep it all 12v as i have other applications it could be used for.
I was thinking a RF transmit board with an input and a RF receiver bord with a relay to turn the light on.
When the car get detected from the camera and triggers its internal relay, it will then trigger the transmit board and the receiver board will then turn the relay on and the light will glow.

Im unsure of what transmit and receive boards i could use.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi James,

Are there any dense materials between your driveway and office? (A good test for 433mHz modules would be: try and open your garage door from where you plan to setup the reciever)

Unfortunately there isnt too much in the way of 12V systems in our range but a regulator inline with this system will work well.

If there isnt too much in the way Iā€™d check out these modules here: Gravity: Digital Wireless Switch Kit - Transmit and Receive (433MHz) | DFRobot TEL0140-1 | Core Electronics Australia
they come as a pair and have some pretty good documenation.

Do you have a link or any photos of the relay on the camera module?