WS2812 LED Sizes ? 5050 3535 and?

Hi All,
I’m using some Glowbit matrices and strips, and am quite happy with how they work.
I know about the 5050 5mm square version and the 35** version 3.5mm in at least one dimension,
BUT are there any others?
Is there an 8080 (which could be 8mm on a side) or larger, does anyone know…
The Glowbits are excellent brightness… I’m looking for a “NeoPixel” which stands out in DayLight situations… Think automobile brightness.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Dennis,

I have seen them get smaller (I’ve used cute little 1515s on space-constrained boards) but not bigger for some reason.

Adafruit do distribute beefy 3W “Neopixels”

These seem to use the WS2811 as a standalone chip on an aluminium PCB for heat dissipation (had no idea you could get it outside an LED package!). Looks like it’s using standalone MOSFETs to drive the 3 channels? There’s no schematic, so my guess is as good as yours as to how to implement this on your own designs, I’d take a look to see if you can find a datasheet for a standalone WS2812 chip.



Thanks James, that led me down a rabbit hole to “iPixel LED Light Company” China, where they have much for me to look at. 0.3Watt to 4 Watt.