Ws2812b Neopixel

I need to control 60 led Neopixels(ws2812b)… I have a big array containing brightness and colour of led at a particular instant …suppose array is of 360 length …then I need to update every 60 elements of array per second…which means this would run for 60 seconds…Please tell me which micro controller can do this job…


We’ve made some WS2812 guides for different boards, though if you are new to electronics then perhaps Arduino would be easiest

It’d be great to see the project built - head back and share it someday!

Sorry I didn’t mention my problem correctly…The data I’m getting into array is not static …I need to get that data from a text file or csv file or some file which contains data in external file…the problem is I need to acces the data from outside and send it to neopixels…

No worries, you can use code to do that. They can be refreshed very quickly.

Might be best to explore the guide in detail, along with the electrical characteristics of WS2812 LEDs.

Suppose i have text file containing numbers 150,120,255,110,189,100 …these are brightness values of first 6 leds .,. So how can i load these values from text file to array and output array to neopixels with corresponding values in the array index with repect to led index…

Between the instructions on this SD Card module and our WS2812 guide for Arduino, you should be set.

Give some code a go and report back.

If you are new to Arduino, then perhaps consider grabbing a starter kit such as this.

is there any other micro controller other than Arduino Uno which can do this job without an sd card …the main problem is I’m nt able to send data from pc to microcontroller at every instant…atleast in short buffers if I could send data to micro controller for controlling leds depending on the values in the data…

You have not specified how or on what sort of platform the data is being generated. This will dictate what transfer methods are available to the source application.

Then you can determine what micro controller best suits your needs from this.

An Arduino for example has built-in hardware support for serial comms, IIC/I2C, SPI protocols.

Hats will add wifi and ethernet.

Of course, defining the source may indicate that a different controller will be a better option.

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Actually I have code written in c language that would generate an array containing data about led brightness …so what I did was…I just sent the whole data in to a text file and thought of accessing it…if there are any other ways to access the data from the compilation of that c code(should be done in pc ) and sending it to neopixels that would help me a lot…

Hi srinivas,

I don’t see why you would want to or need a computer to control everything in this situation. Just put your C code directly on the Arduino.

I Think We cant write pure c code in arduino…and moreover processing data for what to be displayed (in neo pixels) needs high computation power…so what i want to do i process data from a c file…and to use that data in microcontroller…

Hi srinivas,

I’m not sure I know how to help you with that! Best of luck with your project!

As most microcontrollers support serial communication, why not open a serial connection and write the data to the serial port at the same time as you write your host text file? Or even instead of?

I am assuming you have access to the source code. It looks like you do.

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